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Is all of your work made with genuine leather?

Yes! It is important for me to provide the highest quality product possible.  My leather is recycled and comes from a quality source in Virginia, as well as reputable distributors and other artisans.

Are your earring nickel free?

Yes! All of the earring hooks are nickel free and hypoallergenic. Your comfort is a primary concern. 

Can you do custom orders?

Of course! I'd love to hear your ideas and see how together, we can make them happen! 

See a design you like, but want a different leather? Easy!
Like the earrings, but not the hook options? Simple!
Need bridesmaids gifts personalized? I'd be glad to!

Are the earrings heavy?

Not at all! The great thing about the leather I use is that it's super light weight, which means I can make them as big as you want, without fear of tugging on your earlobes! This also makes them a great pair for clip-ons!

What exactly do you mean by hand-made?


Each piece is cut by hand using either a rotary tool or scissors, no machines, no laser cutter, just me and my two hands.  I hand stitch many of my items, and those that I don't, are sewn on a hand-crank Chinese shoe patcher. Being that each piece is cut by me, it is perfectly imperfect, and an original piece of art.

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